What Is Feminist Sticker Club?

Feminist Sticker club is a sticker subscription service.  Every month, we send you a cute feminist sticker in the mail. It’s $3 per month and we donate 10% of profits to feminist causes. (We are also the sister club to Cat Sticker Club.)

What Will The Stickers Look Like?

They average about 3-4" in length and are made out of weatherproof, durable vinyl.  Here are some examples.

Why Should I Join?

Because getting a cute little surprise in the mail every month is FUN. Because you are interested in feminism. Because you’ll be supporting artists and their original artwork.

Where Am I Going To Put A Sticker?

We have some ideas: 

  • the cubicle of your soul-crushing job, as a subtle way of showing that you won't stand for inequity
  • your exam prep folder to make studying more pretty (and remind you that you can do anything)
  • your guitar case, laptop, art bin, water bottle, journal, car bumper or bike

Get creative--we'd love to see where you stick them! Tag your pics with #feministstickerclub on Instagram and wherever else!

How Do I Become A Sticker Artist? 

Since each new month means a new sticker, we're always interested in finding new sticker artists. We pay our artists! If you would like to learn about our sticker artist submission program, please click here