Sticker Submissions

Hiya artists! We'd love to see your design ideas so don't be shy!

Just send us an email with your sticker idea attached. It's easiest for us to choose your design if the concept is nearly print-ready. However, if you have some finished work you can share with us that can give an indication of how well you could execute a finished design, a basic sketch works too!

In terms of preferred designs, we generally shy away from content that is overtly sexual or has strong language given that some of our members are young. We are also reluctant to include anatomy imagery since not all women might share that anatomy. Since there is a fair amount of ovaries/brovaries, pizza rolls/gender roles, etc. stuff out there, we also prefer designs that are more unique. 

If we decide to use your design, we'll send you a contract and once that's sorted, you get an advance on your future cut of sales. Since we'd love a diverse group of artists, we'd really like to hear from people of all colors, ages, shapes and identifications. Here are our submission terms and conditions

Note: Because picking designs is HARD, if you don't hear back from us for a while, it's just because we're having a difficult time deciding.