Sticker #9 - Artist: Natelle Quek

Natelle is a misfit who loves to draw, craft, collect succulents, and cuddle cats. She is currently based in Gainesville, Florida, and spends her free time either crafting for her Etsy shop, going on hikes, visiting animal shelters, or eating lots of cakes and pastries. Natelle hopes to spread just a little bit of extra happiness, fun, and laughter with her handmade crafts. Find Natelle on InstagramFacebook , and Twitter.

Sticker #8 - Artist: Hannah Kate Kelley

Hannah Kate Kelley is a student living in rather small town you’ve never heard of in the Midwest. She spends her time digging trails through state parks, creating erotic art for galleries and preparing for the inevitable day she graduates and has to decide what she’s going to do with herself. She has one grey hair, can touch her tongue to her nose and her heart has a slight, quick extra beat.

Sticker #4 - Artist: Midge Belickis

Midge is a designer/artist/maker based out of Hoboken, NJ. She runs the shop Modern Girl Blitz and spends her days coming up with ideas for things she can make for feminists, badass babes, and weirdos to wear and show off. She enjoys flea markets and thrifting, taking pictures of everything, Twin Peaks, everything John Waters, and collecting oddities and records. Her hair color usually coincides with her current attitude.