Sticker #51 - Artist: María Boutin

Raised in Santiago, Chile & the United States, Maria is a self taught clay artist and freelance illustrator, a proud feminist Latina witch based and creating magic in Central Massachusetts. Her art creates a concoction of whimsy and occult, focusing on sci-fi TV shows & movies, women empowerment and equality rights; with the purpose of bringing people together and spread messages of kindness & support.

To find more of her work & instagram @besitosandgiggles

For handmade creations


Sticker #49 - Artist: Wokeface

Wokeface is the project of an artist living in Portland, Oregon USA whose primary canvas is the streets. You can see their artwork on stickers, wheatpastes, murals and wood installations sprinkled all over the city and beyond.


Wokeface’s goal is to facilitate self love and a sense of connectedness to fuel a more compassionate and harmonious existence.

Follow @wokeface on ig, fb. buy merch at

Sticker #44: Artist - April Moralba

April Moralba is a San Diego based, Philadelphia grown, graphic designer and hand lettering artist. She’s known for her playful lettering, whimsical use of color, enthusiastic attitude and coffee shop recommendations.  When she’s not drawing letters and drinking coffee, you can probably find her hanging out with her dog Fitz, reading comics, or watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine again.  Follow her on Instagram and check out her shop for prints and other stationery goods!


Sticker #43 - Artist: Ashley Plauché

Ashley Plauche Headshot 02.jpg

Portland artist Ashley Plauché is best known for her intricate whimsical and botanical illustrations through her company Wonderline Design.  Armed with a communications degree, art and business minors, and intentions to do good in the world, Ashley’s artwork inspires a sense of connection and authenticity.  Her art explores themes of worthiness, purpose, vulnerability, and finding beauty in everyday things.  In her spare time, Ashley loves spending time outdoors, hot tea, befriending all the animals, getting lost in nerdy details, and connecting with those who brave the edges of the map.  You can see more of her work on Instagram and her online shop.

Sticker #41 - Artist: Angi Becker Stevens

As a long-time feminist activist/organizer with a strong interest in art and design, Angi has long imagined combining those passions, which lead to the birth of her shop--Radiant Beautiful Things--earlier this year. Angi's main design influences are typography and American traditional tattoo design, and her primary products are enamel pins with a variety of feminist, anti-capitalist, and queer messages. She lives in Michigan with her two partners and two kids, and you can check out her shop on Etsy and on Instagram.


Sticker #40 - Artist: Rosemary Hallmark

A former magazine editor, Rosemary left the corporate world to be a full-time creative entrepreneur in 2014. She now works as a freelance writer, graphic designer and art director in Little Rock, Arkansas. She's an editor at the popular YA book blog, Forever Young Adult, and her commercial and editorial work has been featured across the United States and in Canada. Her favorite things include but are not limited to: weekends in New Orleans, kitschy tiki bars, book club, her husband, Aaron, and her cocker spaniel, Lula. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter, if you feel so inclined.


Sticker #39 - Artist: Tyler Feder

Clear glasses profile pic.JPG

Tyler Feder is an artist whose work explores big feelings, intersectional feminism, and pop culture. Her illustrations have been featured by the Huffington Post, Refinery29, Glamour, and Mindy Kaling's instagram. When she's not making art, Tyler enjoys milky coffee, jigsaw puzzles, and smushing her face into her cat's fuzzy tummy! Follow her on instagram and buy her non-sticker doodles at

Sticker #38 - Artist: Rachel Breeden


Raised on a steady TV diet of Children's Television Workshop programming, Rachel Breeden developed an early affection for bold graphics, bright colors, and supergraphic stripes. She grew up in a creative home surrounded by her dad's art school paintings; though he never worked in the arts, his otherwordly pieces were imprinted on her psyche from an early age. As a self-taught artist, Rachel followed her passion for retro-inspired design through many different mediums before finding her home in digital art. It's here that she finally found a way to get her work out of her brain and into the world through her creative brand Circa 78 Designs. Follow along on Instagram.

Sticker #37 - Artist: Barbara Hollaus

Profile Photo.jpg

Barlena is an Austria-based graphic designer and illustrator with a love for pastel colors and fine black lines. Her artworks usually start with paper and pencil and get their final touches on PC. Besides creating new artworks, she loves to read magazines and books, bake cakes and dance around to her favourite songs. Even though she grew up in a small town, her heart beats for big cities. Follow her on Instagram or Society 6.

Sticker #35 - Artist: Lucia Picerno


Lucia Picerno Is a London based Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Born and raised in Uruguay, she became a Londoner 4 years ago when she moved to study her MA at Goldsmiths University of London.

She started Badass Femme because she wanted to use her art skills to spread femme positive messages to the world. Her artwork is bold and colorful, mostly featuring badass women and using pattern and type. 

She can most often be found drawing on her new iPad, but she still does a lot of old school real brush work whenever she has some spare time. She has a passion for making gif stickers for Instagram stories and her gifs have been seen more than 150 million times. You can see more of her work on Instagram , and see and use her stickers on Instagram and snapchat by searching @badasfemme on the GIPHY search bar.

Sticker #34 - Artist: Megan Lynn Kott


Megan has been working as a professional illustrator since 2006.  In addition to creating beautiful watercolor pet portraits and traveling the craft fair circuit - Megan designs graphics, illustrations, and textiles for a variety of clients including Chronicle Books, Maximum Fun, Meowbox, and Tea Collection. When she isn't painting cats, she enjoys looking at animals in predicaments, drinking coffee, and sitting on her porch when the weather is pleasant. In addition to being an artist, she is a lifelong cat lover - her first word was "kitty." Her current work is created in Milwaukee, WI alongside her husband and 3 mischievous cats

Sticker #33 - Artist: Miss McGeek


Miss McGeek was born in a little corner of the online gaming community known as Twitch. There, she quietly began creating emotes (channel-specific emojis) for the Canadian streamer Halifax and the wider community. Slowly, she began to branch out into other formats, dabbling in t-shirts, stickers and general branding. Inspired by the deceptively simple work of Aaron Draplin and often constrained within a 112x112px frame, she strives to create bold mini-masterpieces with a clear narrative.

When not dreaming up new emotes, she spends her time playing games or practicing yoga. Follow her on Instagram or on Twitter for sketches and gaming nonsense.

Sticker #32 - Artist: Jennifer Dahbura


My name is Jennifer Dahbura freelance illustrator, I was born in El Salvador, in a small but beautiful city called Santa Ana. I have always been in love with drawing since I was a little girl, I remember that I used to draw portraits of all my mom’s friends, also my aunts. That was my first connection with the female body drawing. Also I was always fascinated by myths, legends, and folktales. One of the principal things that inspires me is music. It has a big impact on me, a lot of sounds that play with my feelings, quotes that I cannot take out of my head. I see my work as a tribute to the ones who are around me also right now i'm working on my own brand.
Instagram: @jennidahbura