Sticker #34 - Artist: Megan Lynn Kott


Megan has been working as a professional illustrator since 2006.  In addition to creating beautiful watercolor pet portraits and traveling the craft fair circuit - Megan designs graphics, illustrations, and textiles for a variety of clients including Chronicle Books, Maximum Fun, Meowbox, and Tea Collection. When she isn't painting cats, she enjoys looking at animals in predicaments, drinking coffee, and sitting on her porch when the weather is pleasant. In addition to being an artist, she is a lifelong cat lover - her first word was "kitty." Her current work is created in Milwaukee, WI alongside her husband and 3 mischievous cats

Sticker #32 - Artist: Jennifer Dahbura


My name is Jennifer Dahbura freelance illustrator, I was born in El Salvador, in a small but beautiful city called Santa Ana. I have always been in love with drawing since I was a little girl, I remember that I used to draw portraits of all my mom’s friends, also my aunts. That was my first connection with the female body drawing. Also I was always fascinated by myths, legends, and folktales. One of the principal things that inspires me is music. It has a big impact on me, a lot of sounds that play with my feelings, quotes that I cannot take out of my head. I see my work as a tribute to the ones who are around me also right now i'm working on my own brand.
Instagram: @jennidahbura

Sticker #30 - Artist: Claire Whaite


Claire Whaite is the ultimate girlboss. She started back in 2005 making button badges with a child’s badge maker in a friend’s spare room. She’s now kickin’ ass, with a 22-strong team of girls and guys making up her lifestyle brand, Punky Pins. Claire has recently teamed up with some big names, including Hello Kitty, Mel Stringer and Introvert Doodles to bring some ah-mazing enamel pins, patches and jewellery to the world. Check out her work right here, follow her on Insta, Twitter & Facebook.

Sticker #28 - Artist: Gabriela Kochanowski

Gabriela Kochanowski.jpeg

Gabriela Kochanowski is an Illustrator based in Los Angeles. She studied at Laguna College of Art and Design and obtained her BFA in Illustration with an emphasis in Entertainment in December of 2016. This past year Gabriela had the opportunity to work for Global Inheritance to redesign a recycling bin for Coachella. Styles of art that she loves creating are silly designs that make people smile and layering paper to create traditional artworks. If you would like to see more artwork from Gabriela you can check out her website or follow her on Instagram.

Sticker #26 - Artist: Claudia Berger


Claudia E Berger is a New York City-based cartoonist and illustrator. She makes comics about mental health, mythology, and houseplants, and likes to focus on the mundane. When she isn't thinking about science fiction or what tattoo she should get next, she tries to find time to bake as much bread as possible. You can follow her on her instagram, twitter, or tumblr

Sticker #25 - Artist: Ashley Lukashevsky

Ashley is an illustrator and graphic designer in Los Angeles who works to express hope and encouragement to the people propelling our social movements forward. She also loves to draw girls eating and enjoying noodles. Her work is inspired by the incredible womxn who fight against injustice in all forms. Her editorial illustrations have been seen on Broadly, Lenny Letter, GOOD Magazine, and Brooklyn Mag.

Find her at and @ashlukadraws.

Sticker #24 - Artist: Maia Boakye

Maia Boakye is an Undergraduate student in Canada studying to receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Studies. Inspired by the unusual and symbiotic interactions between people and their environments she creates colorful, contemporary visuals and writes whimsical poems, constantly challenging herself to experiment with different styles and media. In her free time, Maia loves to take nature walks, take photos of pretty flowers and eat blood oranges. Check out her website, Instagram, and Tumblr.


Sticker #22 - Artist: Alma Sheppard-Matsuo

Alma Sheppard-Matsuo is a queer hāfu artist - illustrator, printmaker and educator from Brooklyn NY.  They split their time as a freelance artist working for such organizations as the People's Climate Movement, Bread & Puppet Theater and the War Resister's League.  As an educator, Alma has taught in a number of schools and creative arts education programs from NYC, to Minneapolis MN to Kolkata, India.  In the classroom, they use art to explore topics like living wage, gender expression and food deserts.  You can follow them on instagram or facebook or support their work on patreon.

Sticker #19 - Artist: Mikayla Kruse

Mikayla Kruse is a young(ish) feminist who hails from a small town within America's Mitten. She is the daughter of two artists and on occasion tries to be one herself. Her proudest accomplishment was becoming the president of a women's empowerment club at her high school and having the opportunity to work with many inspiring young women. Some things she enjoys outside of feministing are painting, eating sushi, sending postcards, watching videos of whalesharks, and speaking broken French. One quote she tries to live by is, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." You can check out her instagram @theillestkitten!

Sticker #18 - Artist: Alé Salamán

Alé Salamán is a color blind artist from Puerto Rico who is currently based in Florida. She's 17 years young and is an illustrator who's trying to pursue her dream of going to art school. Alé loves to document events in her life and journals alot. Her sticker was empowered by the powerful women surrounding her every day. She's into traveling and spending time with the friends she loves very dearly. You can find her artwork on her Instagram  or her website

Sticker #17 - Artist: McKenzie Fitz

Hey, Hello, I'm McKenzie. Writing about myself is awkward enough, let alone in the third person, so instead here I go. I'm currently on student exchange in Campeche, Mexico. As an aspiring musician and artist, I love to make art in anyway possible, whenever possible. I use my art as an outlet for my emotions & feelings with the hopes it will help someone else feel like they're understood & not alone. Art is the one thing I've always felt free & limitless about. There's no right or wrong & no need for labels.

Instagram//Twitter//Tumblr = @littlemisfitme

Sticker #15 - Artist: Darcy

Darcy is the founder of riotcakes, a business created to validate and empower with feminist & LGBTQ* jewelry, buttons, stickers and more. If rainbows and cute designs are your thing, you might also like riotcakes! Darcy is a queer cat-loving nerd trying their best to spread positivity to fight back against oppressive systems. If you'd like to know more, check out or follow Darcy on social media @riotcakes!